In this issue of Energy Views, we are looking at trends that can affect the utility industry and its consumers in various ways. One trend is the changing utility ratepayer base which will soon be dominated by a new generation of energy consumers, Millennials, who are digitally focused and environmentally and socially conscious. Better engagement with these consumers is the highest priority for many utilities today.

Additionally, US consumers are financially unprepared for home repair emergencies which, according to our research and experience, are prevalent and can be expensive. At HomeServe, we perform a home emergency repair every 75 seconds. We offer some details on our latest State of the Home survey pertaining to the preparedness of homeowners.

Another topic we explore is the growing shortage of workers in the skilled trades. Contractors are crucial to the utility industry service we provide and, to this end, HomeServe is partnering with veterans organizations to help bring former servicemen and women into the skilled trades field and match them up with contractors in our network.

I hope you find this edition of our newsletter informative and interesting. On behalf of HomeServe, I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019!