With over 4.8 million customers and 1,100+ cooperative, utility and municipal partners, HomeServe is dedicated to continuous improvement of all aspects in our service delivery.

HomeServe offers a suite of energy- and water-related home protection plans to support and protect cooperative members. HomeServe programs educate members and ensure problems can be addressed quickly, reducing their frustration and calls to the cooperatives for assistance. Our proven product philosophy centers around offering affordable, high-value home protection plans and an exceptional customer experience throughout all customer touchpoints. HomeServe cooperatives partners have reported a lift in customer satisfaction with the co-op for offering valuable education and solutions.

Heating and CoolingHeating & Cooling

Water HeaterWater Heater

Gas ResiliencyGas Resiliency

Electric ResiliencyElectric Resiliency

Consumer ElectronicsConsumer Electronics

Electric Vehicle ChargingElectric Vehicle Charging

Solutions for RentersSolutions for Renters

Heating & Cooling

Plans that enhance member comfort safety and convenience.

Water Heater

Plans that address issues quickly, including equipment replacement, if needed.

Gas Resiliency

Plans to ensure the safety and optimum performance of gas lines.

Electric Resiliency

Plans to minimize the negative effects of outages and expedite reconnection.

Consumer Electronics

Offers cooperative members affordable and comprehensive coverage for multiple consumer electronic devices under one single plan, offering peace of mind and convenience while reducing damage claims to cooperatives.

Electric Vehicle Charging

HomeServe offers first-to-market solutions to ensure EV owners have minimum disruption to home charging, and programs to enable co-ops to deliver a more cohesive member experience and increase engagement with electric vehicle owners.

Solutions for Renters

Learn more about HomeServe’s offerings for renters.