Our LMI Program: A unique program fully funded by HomeServe, not members.

Protect Against Costly Repairs

54% of American consumers* are living paycheck to paycheck, and replacing a water heater or HVAC system can be devastating to a low- and moderate-income (LMI) household budget.

  • Provide low-or no-cost plans to LMI members
  • Deliver peace of mind to all cooperative members by offering affordable home system protection plans
  • Members with a protection plan are more likely to proactively address system issues, enhancing overall energy efficiency, reliability and safety


Enhance Your Community with HomeServe Cares

  • HomeServe’s corporate social responsibility program offers pro-bono repairs, grant funding for community-based projects, assistance for
    veterans, and employee charitable giving and volunteerism
  • Since its inception in 2019, the HomeServe Cares Foundation has contributed over $700,000 to communities across North America

We look forward to lending HomeServe Cares support to your community initiatives.

Coming Soon

High Efficiency Upgrades for Homeowners

A program to reduce the financial impacts of installing an upgraded system while promoting energy efficiency and driving decarbonization. Includes:

  • Smart Thermostat & Installation
  • Annual HVAC Tune-Up
  • Energy Savings Service
  • HVAC Repair Plan
  • HVAC System End-of-Life Planning
  • HVAC Replacement Upgrade Incentive

We welcome the opportunity to co-develop a program specific to your needs.

Jackson, Mississippi Resident Receives HomeServe Cares Assistance to Keep Cool

As a life-long resident of Jackson, Mississippi, Alfred D. is no stranger to the city’s hot summers. For many years, he had a home air conditioning system to keep the humidity and high temperatures at bay. However, the retiree’s 20-year-old air conditioning system finally failed. He didn’t have the more than $7,000 needed to replace it and do necessary repairs to ductwork beneath his home. Alfred’s problems were compounded when he began providing childcare for two grandchildren after school – now, not only was he suffering from the sweltering heat, but so were they, and there was no relief on the horizon. HomeServe network contractor Dent Air Conditioning Co. reached out and HomeServe agreed to cover the cost under the HomeServe Cares program. Alfred had just this to say: “Thank you, HomeServe!”


High-Impact Options for LMI Homeowners

HomeServe is a leading provider of repair service plans for a wide range of home lines and systems. These include water heaters, heating, cooling, home appliances, surge protection, electric and gas lines and more. 

Valuable Solutions for LMI Renters

Many LMI consumers are renters. HomeServe offers the following plans to renters as well as homeowners. 

Surge Protection

Education about this plan can be incorporated into storm preparedness communications.

  • Covers repair or replacement and, if necessary, removal of electrical products that fail due to a surge.
  • Covered products include refrigerators, clothes washers, clothes dryers, dishwashers, blenders, mixers, toasters, microwaves, televisions, window air conditioning units, thermostats, lamps, computers, DVD players, game consoles, printers, scanners and handheld devices such as tablets.



Common repair and replacement costs can be a tremendous hardship.

Water heater replacement$1,000
Heating system motor blower repair$600
Clothes washer replacement (destroyed by surge)$800

Coming Soon: Tech Protection

This first-to-market plan offers coverage for multiple personal electronic devices through a seamless digital experience.

  • According to the Journal of Consumer Research, lower-income consumers are more likely to purchase warranties for electronics products because they are more sensitive to a product’s replacement costs.
  • Protection for all devices in plan (smart phones, tablets, computers, TVs) and claims can be filed on any three covered devices per year
  • Covers new or used devices
  • No receipts required and no brand restrictions

For more information on programs to assist LMI customers contact us.