Success Stories

Mr. & Mrs. Simon Share Their Cooling System Repair Experience

Hear from our valued customers, Mr. & Mrs. Simon, as they share their repair experience by one of our New York technicians, Tom Carey. “They saw a problem and dealt with it the best way possible and saved us losing a trip to England. And what can you say when you have a company like that. You’ve gotta be pretty satisfied with that.”

Mr. Antonetti Shares His Heating System Repair Experience

Hear from our valued customer, Mr. Antonetti, as he shares his repair experience by one of our New York technicians. “Compared to what they give you, it’s more than worth it. They’re always polite, courteous, and getting someone here as quick as they can and never failed. They always came through with their word and I have peace of mind with them. I trust them with my life.”

Sue Coty Shares Her Experience With An Interior Gas Repair

When returning to her home after spending six weeks in Italy, Ms. Coty noticed a faint gas smell coming from her old stove and fireplace. Ms. Coty called a plumber she had recently used, but he could immediately see that she had other issues and began to tally up a bill for the repairs. Ms. Coty then remembered her interior gas line repair plan with HomeServe and made the call. She was put at ease about the situation when the agent told her step by step how the process would work.

When the plumbers arrived, they realized it would not be a quick fix. Ultimately, they replaced all of Ms. Coty’s gas lines all the way up the walls to each appliance. The plumbers were at her house for two days, waited for the gas company to come and turn the gas back on, and waited to be sure no leaks occurred after the repairs.

HomeServe Cares: The Martinez Family Story

After living in their home for two years, Ms. Martinez noticed a problem with her water heater. She began to notice that her hot water wouldn’t last as long as it used to, and when she looked at her water heater she noticed there was a lot of rust, and it seemed to be leaking.

Initially, Ms. Martinez assumed she would not have the money for the repair so her family would have to get used to the situation. She called her water utility company to see if there was anything they could do, expecting them to say no. To her surprise, thanks to a partnership with HomeServe, the utility had access to the HomeServe Cares Fund, and after evaluating the Martinez family’s situation, they determined that they qualified to receive a brand new water heater at no cost to them!

The Martinez family’s HomeServe Cares story is just one example of how HomeServe can help improve the lives of your customers.

“NOVEC Solutions is a NOVEC subsidiary dedicated to providing members with a network of services they can trust. In 2018, HomeServe became our provider of repair and replacement service plans for a wide range of residential lines and systems. We’ve worked together to deliver exceptional customer service and other core values of education, community service and energy conservation.”

“NOVEC is more than just an energy provider, it’s a trusted advisor to its members. As a subsidiary of NOVEC, we offer information to help them make decisions that can enhance safety and efficiency,” said Mr. Jaramillo. “The educational information sent by HomeServe, at no cost to the co-op, has been very well received by our members, whether or not they have chosen to enroll in service plans.”

Gilbert Jaramillo

Vice President, NOVEC Solution

Richard Dalling’s Interior Electrical Story

Richard Dalling discovered he had electrical problems when he tried to turn on the switch leading to his basement and heard spark noises. Knowing that he had interior electrical wiring coverage, he immediately called HomeServe. Customer service reassured him that a technician would be able to come out and look at the problem. Not only did the technicians arrive at their scheduled time, they also called beforehand to be sure Mr. Dalling would be home.

Mr. Dalling has peace of mind knowing that when an emergency repair situation happens, he coverage through HomeServe. If he ever has another electrical or boiler problem, he knows HomeServe will be there to take care of the issue.

Love this service!!! 100% Satisfied since the first day I have had this service. From the customer service representative making the appt for service down to the technician helping me fix the problem, all are wonderful to speak to and deal with.
Angelo, Massapequa, NY

Premier Heat & Cool™ PLUS Repair Plan

The service was great. The contractor was very courteous and took his time. I told him I did not know exactly what the problem was so he checked things over, found a broken wire and repaired that to get my heater running. I would recommend to anybody that they get the service.
Christina S., Marysville, MI

Water Heater Customer

HomeServe is a good partner of ours. They are very timely, and they get us the answers very quickly if we have any problems that arise.
Jesse Crawford

Ferran Services and Contracting

The service was fast, friendly, professional, efficient and courteous. They made me feel comfortable with any questions that I had.
Linda P., Smiths Creek, MI

Heating System Customer

Our customers that have considered or purchased services from HomeServe have a more positive impression of AEP and rate us higher in customer experience and satisfaction. As a result we are exploring additional service offerings with them at this time.
Thomas L Kirkpatrick

VP Customer Services, Marketing and, Distribution Services at AEP

Because we’ve been around for nearly 150 years, San Jose Water Company doesn’t do business with just anybody…I think that over the years HomeServe has developed a sound reputation
Bob Day

Director of Customer Service, San Jose Water

They were prompt, were patient in finding the problem and took care of it.
Edward B., Seaville, NJ

Heating System Customer

We’ve had HomeServe for a long time and we’ve had to call them several times and we have always been satisfied with the way it was handled. We have had no complaints. It’s been a lifesaver for us and when you call somebody and it’s cold you’re not waiting days and days. It’s a blessing really.
Jesse T., Fair Haven, MI

Heating System Customer

The service was very good and if there was anything going wrong, they were honest about it. The problem was resolved with the same day.
Marguerite S., Mantua, NJ

Water Heater Customer

HomeServe’s experienced team of professionals ensures a program is crafted that is custom-tailored to our brand and fits the needs of our customers.
Tim Lubbers

Director of Business Development, Semco Energy

Everyone involved on the HomeServe side, from the call center reps on the phone to the contractors in the field, is representing the First Energy brand to our customers. It was important for us to partner with a company with the same standards and culture to deliver what the customer was promised and what the customer expects.
Cheryl Brubaker-Schaub

Manager Consumer Products, First Energy

Everything was very prompt. I was very satisfied. The technician came before he was scheduled. I had no problem and did not have to wait around for him.
James S., Carson, CA

Interior Electrical Wiring Customer

I was extremely pleased with everything that HomeServe provided. The technician was very skilled and he went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied. I was overwhelmed by the services that I received.
Joseph F., Great Neck, NY

Interior Electrical Wiring Customer

I have been a customer with HomeServe for around 5 years, I greatly appreciate the courtesy, professionalism and the understanding of the services offered. I would recommend HomeServe to anybody. HomeServe takes pride in the contractors hired and it shows.

Tanya W., Wilmington, DE

Interior Electrical Wiring Customer

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