Multi-Device Protection for your Members’ Electronic Technology.

Consumer Electronics Plan

Consumer electronics devices have become essential for work, education, entertainment, and connecting. When accidents happen, a damaged device can impede the daily activities of customers’ lives. Partnering with HomeServe to offer members protection for important personal electronics devices allows utilities to engage with homeowners, renters and LMI residents.

Tech Protection

Available to renters and homeowners, HomeServe’s Tech Protection plan offers all cooperative members affordable and comprehensive “gap” coverage for multiple consumer electronic devices under one single plan, protecting them from drops, cracks and spills, normal wear and tear, and surge events—offering peace of mind and convenience while reducing damage claims to co-ops.

Tech Protection offers:

  • Multi-device protection from the most common types of damage
  • Coverage for both old and new devices such as: mobile phones, tablets, computers / laptops and flat-screen televisions
  • Seamless digital claims process
  • Unlimited claims for any three (3) eligible devices annually*
  • No receipt requirements or brand restrictions
  • 90-day guarantee on covered repairs

Flexible Claims Options:

  • Devices are fixed by a reliable network of repairmen
  • Walk-in to over 1,300 local affiliate repair storefronts
  • Mail-in to a repair depot
  • In-home repair (for large flat-screen TVs)
  • Reimbursement for cracked screen repair (receipt required)
  • Like-for-like replacement when repair is not possible
  • Buyout provided if device can’t be repaired or replaced
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*up to the $3,000 benefit limit per year


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